On Demand: D&D Tyranny of Dragons (Session 34: Waterdeep Awaits)

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Session Description: The mighty Arauthator, sensing that perhaps these mere mortals are a bit more powerful than he originally anticipated, makes a run beneath the water, escaping from our adventurers, who quickly steal themselves for a possible return of the Old White Death. However, their fears were initially quelled, as they reached top side once more, with Maccath the Crimson in tow. As they reached the top, they were celebrated for their heroics, and for helping the people of Oyaviggaton to break the chains, if only temporarily, which had Arauthator commanding what they do and where they go. Seeing this as their chance to run, the Ice Hunters, along with our adventures, made their escape, with our party traveling quickly back to Waterdeep.

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