On Demand: D&D Tyranny of Dragons (Session 29: Silencing the Horn)

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Session Description: With the dragons growing more bold, they become a larger threat to the people of the Sword Coast. As the party came to the aid of Cylanestrial, the blue dragon had other plans. With the rider at his side, and distracting the party slightly, the dragon would eliminate the legendary scout from Waterdeep and immediately flee, looking to get as far away from the party as possible, despite his fallen friend. The party would continue to head back to speak with Leosin, and to deliver the cult wyrmspeaker Varram. Though the party was able to gain limited information from him, the dwarf is still useful to our adventurers, and could possibly assist them with their next task, destroying the Draakhorn. Only one question remains to be answered, will Max return before the party heads off to the Sea of Moving Ice?

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