On Demand: D&D Stealing Dragons (Session 11: The Droid We’re Looking For)

Session Description: After being shaken from their beds at the early morning hours of the day, they quickly learned a sad and devastating truth, someone was coming to see them in a hurry, and the Zhentarim, or at least one cell of the faction, decided that should not occur. This sent our party on a chase for information, with each of them searching to find out as many details as possible before the Watchful Order showed up to ruin all the fun. Afterwards, the party attempted to make sense of things, with Risk asking the detective in the neighborhood to take a deeper look at the entire ordeal. The party split, however, some going south to the Yawning Portal, the others going north to visit the House of Inspired Hands. As discussions continued, the party learned that a Niblewright is on the loose and may have been responsible for the blast in Trollskull Alley.

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