On Demand: D&D Stealign Dragons (Session 3 – Trollskull Alley)


Session Description: Making their way down into the sewers which rest under the streets of the city of Waterdeep has been no easy task. While finding passage downward was simple enough it getting out of the sewers that was the most concerning part. As our party dove into the depths of this guild hideout, following the symbols that guided them along the way, they would come face to face with Floon Blagmaar, the man they were to rescue, and his interrogator…Grum’shar. However, they were not alone. To the south a tentacled creature, resembling a Mind Flayer, would stand, quickly leaving the chamber, leaving the dirty work to Grum’shar and the Mind Flayer’s pet brain-like beast. After dispatching them, the party would return back to the surface, bringing Floon to the Yawning Portal, and receiving their payment in the form of a house in Trollskull Alley.

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