On Demand: D&D Fell Entropy (Session 12: Nangalore Awaits)

Session Description: Our party, high above ground in the city of Kir Sabal, face their ultimate challenge of convincing Asharra, the leader of aarakocra, to allow them to release and leave with Erates after the flame breath attack which she used in the cleansing room. She would agree, even offering to help the party, who looked to resolve the death curse by offering to perform the ritual of the Dance of the Seven Winds, but needed black orchids to perform the ritual, which leads them to the city of Nangalore. Arvon assisted Cannin and was able to “convince”; young Princess Mwaxanare to spend some quality time with him instead, and as the party waited, Arvon arrived and rushed them out of the city as the party made their way southwest to Nangalore.

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