On Demand: D&D Amongst the Giants (Session 21: Eye of the All-Father)

Session Description: After speaking with Lord Roaringhorn, the party began to venture back to Blackstaff Tower to rejoin their new traveling companion, Harshnag the Grim. Progress to their destination was interrupted by a small tent, titled Bingo’s Magical Marquee. The party walked inside, seeing a wondrous 30×30 room gleaming of magic from end to end. Afterwards, the party left the tent, noticing the shift in hours and met with Harshnag to take a portal to the city of Mirabar, then venture north, through the icy tundra at the Spine of the World, before reaching their destination. Now, blocked in by the massive stone walls that came crashing down on top of them, they prepare to dive deeper into the Eye of the All-Father.

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