Its time for the next episode of Forest For the Trees! We're back at our regularly scheduled time of 8:30 EST every Monday and Im so excited! Come check out some homebrew goodness and the start of a rebellion!
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We're just under two hours away from the next episode of Dunes of Diaqet! We had that short break last week for MAGfest but we're back and ready to explore the deserts again! Check us out every friday at 9 PM EST
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Our #DnD Civil War: A Realm Awakened campaign is now live on YouTube! It is our Channel Premier of the week!

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You may be asking yourself, who is Forgebreaker?

Forgebreaker is a former guild found in Elder Scrolls Online. Once the guild members started to go their separate ways, as they often do in MMOs, the guildleader Michael (known by the user name Merrak) turned the old Twitch name into a dedicated variety stream account. Now, Forgebreaker hosts a variety of D&D based games and streams, and we are always looking for ways to expand and improve. Feel free to come and join us anytime!

About Forgebreaker

Forgebreaker reaches beyond streaming! From guilds and gaming communities, to web management, charity participation, and of course our game streams, Forgebreaker looks to be here for whatever your gaming needs may be!

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On Demand

Updated every Friday, catch up with all the streams you have missed.

On Demand: D&D Stealing Dragons (Session 5: Let’s Get Money)

Session Description: After establishing themselves within Trollskull Manor and making the rounds attempting to better position themselves within the neighborhood, our party received a message from one Vajra Safahr, the Blackstaff, summoning them to Blackstaff Tower. They are greeted by an individual named Rilitar, who takes them towards an entryless building, as one magically appears. […]

Other News

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Supporting Us Through Patreon

  Something that has been mentioned to me many times in the past is that I should consider setting up a Patreon account for our channel. With these suggestions, I decided to take a look into the service and would like to give you an idea of the things we would like to offer over […]

The Brotherhood Campaign

Introducing: The Brotherhood

Forgebreaker officially announces a new D&D Campaign set for this Summer (2018). Grab your laser rifle, put on your Power Armor…and prepare to enter the remains of Chicago in this Fallout-themed 5e D&D Campaign!

The Game Masters

Our campaigns are ran by these nerds.

  • Forge’s jump into D&D has been short lived, but quite eventful. Starting his first D&D game in September of 2017, Forge has went on to play and GM a handful of games. Though still a beginner, Forge continues to work to offer his players, and teammates, a bit of excitement!

  • Havoc came to the Forgebreaker streams with his first venture into the world of Game Master with our “Ascension” campaign. Now GM over our Tyranny of Dragons campaign, and a player in the Amongst the Giants campaign, Havoc has been a welcomed member of our stream.

    Havoc (HavocInGaming)
  • Ark came to our channel during the Civil War: Rise of Tyris campaign and has since hopped on board as one of 3 DMs on our channel. He brings lots of experience to the table and leads or players in our Tomb of Annihilation playthrough campaign, Fell Entropy!